Where Should Your Home's Windows Go? 5 Questions To Answer

21 April 2023
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The windows in your new home will have a big impact on its comfort, energy efficiency, beauty, and function. So approaching window placement from the early design stages is a key to success. To help you find your best placement options, here are a few questions to answer. 

1. What Is the Room's Purpose?

Not all windows are the same. This is partly because not all rooms are the same. The kitchen generally benefits from more natural lighting, for example, but you may want a cozier bedroom vibe. Rooms that get more use in the dark hours will also have different window goals than those whose primary function is in the daytime. Approach window choice for each area individually. 

2. What Are the View Options?

Whether your house is not yet built or is being built, test out the views from various locations. This can be challenging, but the more you research your options, the happier you will be with where you place windows in the long run. 

3. How Much Light Do You Like?

While the general consensus is that natural sunlight is good for most areas of the home, not all homeowners like the same amount of light. It's okay to enjoy more ambiance throughout the home while your neighbor likes a lot of large windows with unlimited natural lighting. And before selecting window size or placement, think about the types of window dressings you prefer and how they will impact lighting. 

4. How Does the Sunshine Move?

Angles of sunlight and amounts of shade throughout the day will have different effects on the room behind the window. South-facing windows, for example, contribute significantly to keeping rooms warmer in the winter. However, they can create too much heat for those in a warm climate. On the other hand, east- and west-facing windows can have glare issues. Take note of how the sun moves through your landscape before settling on window locations. 

5. Who Can See In?

Finally, think about the window from the opposite viewpoint—from the exterior. You may not want your child's bedroom window to face directly onto the street. A window onto a busy street could also increase noise pollution in the master bedroom suite. Walk around your property to observe your plans as a neighbor, passerby, or other outsiders. 

Where Can You Get Help?

The best way to learn more about window placement is to meet with an experienced custom home builder. Make an appointment today to learn how you can ensure the right vibe, the right energy efficiency, and the right views from all your windows. 

Contact a local custom home builder to learn more.