5 Steps To Take After You Experience Water Damage

13 December 2022
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The average cost of a water damage claim comes to over $11,098. The longer you wait to perform water damage repair, the more extensive (and expensive) the damage will be. While you will need assistance, there are steps you can take to minimize damage. Follow these steps after experiencing severe water damage. 

Step One: Turn Off Electronics

Before you get started, remove all small electronics from the affected room. Unplug large appliances. Water and electronics don't mix. The water can damage your electronics. In severe cases, the combination of water and electricity can even start a fire. 

Step Two: Take Pictures

After removing any electronics, you should take pictures of the space. The pictures may come in handy when dealing with the insurance company or the water damage restoration company. Take pictures quickly so that you can get to work.

Step Three: Remove Moisture From the Air 

The affected area still likely has high concentrations of moisture in the air. This moisture will contribute to the damage even more. 

To remove water damage, try the following tips:

  • open windows
  • install industrial fans
  • utilize a dehumidifier  

Step Four: Clean Water and Remove the Damage 

At this time, you should clean up pools of water with rags and paper towels. Continue until you have the area as dry as possible. You'll also want to examine the building materials in the area to see the extent of the damage. Water damage can completely deteriorate wood, carpet, and other materials. Concrete and tile hold up the best against water damage. You may need to completely replace the carpet, wood floors, and wooden furniture. Throw damaged items away to remove the moisture from the area. 

Step Five: Call For Professional Water Damage Restoration 

When you did everything you can but still need help, you need to call for water damage repair. Water damage repair professionals will come to your house to dry the damage and salvage everything they can. They will also talk to you about your options when it comes to replacing the badly damaged areas. Look into repair options that are not as susceptible to water damage. 

While you wait for the tech to finish the water damage repair, contact your insurance company to learn if they will cover any of the damage. If you get the damage covered, dry the space and make it safe. Wait to make decisions about your repairs until you learn what budget you have. 

Reach out to a water damage restoration service near you to learn more.