What You Should Know About Residential Gutters

4 October 2022
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Residential gutters play an important role in protecting your home from harm. Their purpose is to move water away from your house so your roof, siding, and foundation don't sustain water damage from rain. Here are a few important things to know about residential gutters.

Gutters Need Ongoing Care 

Gutters shouldn't be installed and then forgotten. Instead, they need to be cleaned regularly so dams from leaves and twigs don't build up in the troughs and keep water from draining. It's also important to have gutter leaks repaired promptly.

If you need new gutters, you may want to buy the seamless variety that has a lower risk of leaking. You may also want to buy leaf guards for your system so leaves won't clog the troughs between cleanings.

Gutters Can Make Your Home Attractive

White gutters are common, but gutters come in a lot of colors so you can match them to your roof or trim. You can even get copper gutters to add glamour to your home. The downspout can add visual interest as well if you choose a decorative spout or rain chain.

Gutters come in different materials, such as vinyl and aluminum. The troughs also have different shapes. This allows you to select the right gutters for your home's exterior so your home has the most attractive look.

Gutters Can Be Damaged In Storms

Gutters can fall apart due to age and neglect, and they can also be destroyed or damaged in storms. Metal gutters can be dented by hail and twisted by strong winds. Your homeowner's insurance might pay for new gutters if they need to be replaced because of a storm.

Sometimes, damage can be minor and not obvious. For instance, the wind might move the troughs and alter the slope which helps rain drain. That could cause your gutters to overflow and drop water by your foundation. It's a good idea to watch your gutters occasionally when it rains to make sure water drains out the downspout as it should. If water puddles in the trough or spills over it, call a gutter repair company to restore the proper drainage slope.

Residential Gutters Are Sized For Your Roof Slope

Gutters come in different sizes, and it's important to choose the right size so water doesn't spill over the sides. You may need a gutter professional to help with this if you don't know what size to buy. The size of your roof and its slope matter since a steep roof will shed water faster. Also, the maximum expected rainfall amount for your area is taken into consideration. These factors determine the size of the troughs, the slope of the gutters, and the number of downspouts needed to handle rain effectively.

Contact a local home gutter contractor to learn more.