What Are The Elements Of A Parking Lot Construction Project?

8 August 2022
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If you've never had a contractor do parking lot construction, you might be surprised by how complicated the task can be. Especially if you want to have a high-quality parking lot, you'll need to account for these 5 asphalt construction issues.


There is always a risk that the soil on a property could present problems. If it isn't hard enough, the paved surface could get dimples or even collapse. Similarly, clay-heavy soils can sometimes create drainage problems. Other soils will have erosion issues.

You may need to hire a contractor to remediate the soil if there are problems. In extreme cases, you might also have to conduct a civil engineering study to figure out what to do with the soil.


Typically, people want relatively flat parking lots. Many lots will have slight slopes to permit drainage, but it's still important to have one that's perceptibly flat.

Normally, this means you'll need to grade the location. Even if the spot looks relatively flat, grading can help you to find and remove large rocks, get rid of small eddies, and fill in some gaps. Not all asphalt construction contractors handle grading so ask. If they don't, they should provide the specifications so a grading company can do the job.


Even in extremely arid regions, you want to have good drainage. If you're lucky and the proposed lot is small enough, you might be able to use a small slop to redirect any water into a culvert. However, you might have to install a system of drains throughout the lot if it's a large one.

You should also be aware of environmental laws regarding the drainage process. Businesses that handle certain materials may be subject to rules that require the drainage and treatment of the runoff, for example. Similarly, locations close to waterways or drinking water supplies may face additional considerations. Contact your local and state environmental officers to learn what the requirements are.


Once you have the site graded and the drainage situation sorted out, you will probably want to install a base. This is usually a concrete or gravel zone that will support the new surface after you're done with parking lot construction. The base will also provide stability to any drainage system elements in the perimeter of the parking lot.


With the base in place, you can finally surface the site. The asphalt construction company will select a material based on your use case and the environment at the location. For example, parking lots in high-rainfall regions might need looser mixtures to permit better drainage. 

For more information about asphalt construction, contact a local company.