Why Use A Self-Consolidating Ready-Mix Concrete?

26 July 2022
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You won't necessarily need the same ready-mixed concrete product for every concreting job on your construction site. These products come in different mixes to suit both regular and custom pours.

If you're laying foundations or building under the ground, then you might want to use a self-consolidating concrete mix. What makes this concrete different? What are the advantages of using it?

What Is Self-Consolidating Concrete?

Some ready-mix concrete products contain additives to change the way they work. Self-consolidating concrete contains chemicals such as superplasticizers and viscosity modifiers.

These additives change the way the concrete pours. A self-consolidating concrete will pour faster than other mixes. It has a faster flow rate.

Plus, this mix also naturally levels itself after the pour. You don't need to compact the wet concrete. It uses its own weight to level itself before it sets.

Why Use Self-Consolidating Concrete?

If you use a regular concrete mix on some jobs, then you will need to compact the concrete after you pour it. You'll either use compaction or vibration machines to do this.

This adds to the time it takes to lay concrete. Your crew will have to work on the pour to get it in the right shape before it sets.

This isn't always an easy job. For example, if you are laying concrete in a more complex form, then you might find it difficult to get equipment into the space to compact the concrete in that area. If the concrete isn't compacted, then it might not set correctly and could be weaker than it should be since it has structural flaws.

Compaction/vibration work is also noisy and potentially hazardous. If workers use this kind of equipment regularly, they can develop health problems. For example, long-term use of vibration machinery can give workers a condition known as "vibration white finger." This condition can lead to permanent loss of feeling and disability.

If you use self-consolidating concrete, then you get a faster and easier pour and leveling process. Your concreting jobs will take less time and manpower.

You also won't need to use compactors or vibrators. This is useful if you have noise restrictions on a site; it also gives your crew more protection from work-related injuries.

Plus, a self-consolidating ready-mix can level itself correctly in even complex formwork. All of your concrete will have the required strength and depth.

To find out more about self-consolidating concrete and other ready-mix products, contact a concrete supplier.