Watch Out For These 4 Airstream Renovation Issues

14 June 2022
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Airstream campers are among some of the most desirable recreation living systems around. Many people like to renovate the oldest models because they have a strong aesthetic appeal and are highly portable. However, there are a few things to be aware of when you're planning an Airstream renovation project.

Space Budget

An authentic Airstream camper is not going to have the same available interior space as many modern recreational setups. The curved shape also tends to limit the ability to utilize overhead spaces for storage or additional sleeping compartments.

Consequently, an Airstream renovation effort has to include a space budget. You should consider the contents of the camper based on a list of priorities. Start with the most critical things like sleeping room and food storage. Work your way down based on your needs. If you're planning to work while traveling, for example, a small desk for a laptop may be a higher priority for some than it will be for some folks. Keep adding or eliminating space usage until you've used every inch you can comfortably budget.


Gross vehicle weight matters for many reasons. Foremost, it will determine the legal limits on your ability to tow it as a trailer under a certain license. Whenever possible, avoid renovations that are costly in terms of weight. For example, you probably don't need a granite countertop. An Airstream renovation company can help you decide how to get the best possible appearance and value for both your dollar and the trailer's weight.

Electrical Systems

Most folks will want to install modern electrical systems to provide basic conveniences like television, internet access, and lighting. Consider how the electrical system will get power. If you're going to rely on campground connections, for example, make sure the new electrical system is capable of handling some unstable setups. You can't expect every site to have a well-conditioned electrical system so good breakers and ground faults are priorities.

As with other things, you'll need to budget your Airstream's electrical usage. Even if electricity is highly available, the trailer's electrical system will only have so much throughput. Figure out the wattage of everything you plan to use so you can have the Airstream renovation company build the system up accordingly.


The previous three issues have to balance out with your desired level of authenticity. Some folks want to come as close as possible to a factory-fresh trailer. Others will happily go full retro-mod. Know what your goals are and understand the implications for the resale market.

For more information, talk to an Airstream renovation company in your area.