Preventing Problems With The Septic Drain Field

14 March 2022
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The drain field for your septic system will play an instrumental role in allowing it to safely and effectively dispose of the water that it has treated. More specifically, a drain field is designed to spread the septic water over a larger area to reduce the risk of erosion occurring. Despite being buried deep below ground, there are still several problems that the drain field may encounter.

How Will You Be Able To Know Whether The Drain Field Is Starting To Develop Problems?

While your septic system's drain field will be buried deep in the ground, it is still possible for you to notice a number of warning signs that could indicate that major repairs may be required. One of the more visible problems could be the formation of large standing puddles of water on the ground as this will likely indicate that the tubing for the drain field has developed a large leak. However, you may also notice that the interior drains may start to have performance issues or become backed up as a result of the compromised drain field being less able to dispose of the water from the septic tank.

Will Addressing Problems With The Drain Field Always Require It To Be Replaced?

If your drain field has started to experience problems, you may assume that this means the repairs will always require the entire drain field to be replaced. While replacing it may be the only repair option in some situations, it is also possible to perform more isolated repairs and replacement work. This is particularly common when the damage to the drain field is fairly minimal or localized. In these situations, a patch may be applied or the compromised section of the drain field line may be removed and replaced while leaving the rest of the drain field intact. A septic tank drain field repair service will be able to assess the scope of the damage to your drain field to determine the potential repair options.

Do Septic Tank Additives Effectively Protect Against Drain Field Problems?

There are many people that will use septic tank additives in an attempt to improve the performance of their system. However, you should be mindful of the limits on the effectiveness of these additives. In particular, these additives are not able to take the place of having the septic tank pumped regularly. As a result, they will have a minimal effect on preventing clogs from forming in the drain field due to debris in the septic tank failing to sufficiently break down.  

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