Preparing Your Site For Construction Work

24 January 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Before a construction project can be started, the site where it is going to be placed will need to be prepared. This can be a critical step in the construction process, but it is something that will often be overlooked by individuals who are planning to develop their first lot.

Surveying The Build Lot

Before any work is done to the construction site, it is useful to have a thorough survey completed. This type of survey can be essential for ensuring that the construction work does not violate the boundaries of the property. If this mistake were to occur, there could be expensive liabilities due to the property damage that may occur to the neighboring property. This survey can allow the contractors to be sure that they are avoiding accidentally violating this boundary when they are performing this work or when they are storing materials and equipment.

Clearing Trees And Brush

The presence of trees and brush on the property will have to be addressed before the work can begin. Cleaning these plants can be a fairly sizable challenge. When you are needing to remove trees for the building project, it will be necessary to remove the stump as well. Otherwise, it could interfere with the work and potentially slow the project in the future. After the land has been cleared, the plant debris will have to be hauled away. Unfortunately, most standard trash removal services will be unable to accept these materials. Rather, you may need to use a specialized provider that has the equipment and facilities needed to process the plant waste.

Conducting Soil Stability Assessments

The stability of the soil on the building site is another issue that will need to be assessed. In cases where the soil is too loose or unstable to support the structure, it will be necessary to include stabilization measures as part of the site preparation process. This can slightly slow the progress of the project, but failing to appreciate the need to stabilize the soil can lead to the structure potentially becoming unstable. In addition to assessing the soil stability at the site where the building will be located, it can also be useful to assess the stability of the rest of the soil on the property. This can provide you with a potential warning as to whether erosion issues can be expected. By identifying these issues during the early part of the construction, it may be possible to install retaining walls or other property improvements to mitigate the erosion problem. 

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