5 House Additions That Appeal To Modern Home Buyers

24 January 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Are you considering adding on to your home to increase its functionality and square footage? While a home addition is an investment of time and money, it can reap great rewards in terms of the property value and appeal to future buyers. Which additions can bring the best return on investment for today's buyers? Here are a few to consider.

1. Another Bathroom

Home buyers have had increasing expectations about bathroom quality and quantity for many years. A home with only one bathroom can almost always benefit from the addition of another one, particularly in the public areas of the home or to turn a master bedroom into a master suite. 

2. A Larger Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points for modern homes. How does yours rate in terms of size, logical layout, and comfort? Older kitchens tended to be smaller, more closed-in, and less efficient. If yours still is, the addition of some maneuvering space, better storage, or a lighter and airier experience can turn the kitchen from a price drag to a booster. 

3. A Home Office

With the shift toward remote- and home-based work since the pandemic, more and more home buyers want a dedicated home office space. While a house that's large enough may be able to turn an unused bedroom into an office, this can make the entire house more cramped. Instead, consider adding a purpose-driven room away from the noise of the bedrooms or public areas. 

4. A Sunroom

Another consequence of spending more time at home since 2020 is valuing indoor–outdoor spaces. A three-season or four-season sunroom is a fun addition that provides two separate boosts. First, it makes the backyard more interesting and encourages use of outdoor areas. Second, it increases the all-purpose and functional square footage of the home. 

5. A Rear Mudroom

Mudrooms are transitional rooms between the backyard and the home. They can simply be staging areas for outdoor gear or they might include the laundry area, a pet cleanup station, storage, or even drinking fountains. If you live in an area with harsher fall and winter weather, a good mudroom will be an immediate draw for most families looking for future homes. 

Want to know more about what future buyers are looking for in your particular area? Start by meeting with a home addition service. They'll help you assess your property, the current market, and trends in home design to find the perfect place to deploy your renovation dollars.