Outstanding Reasons To Consider Using Masonry In Your Construction Project

19 January 2022
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Are you planning to start a construction project soon? If you are, consider giving some thought to masonry, which is building your structure from individual units made from materials like brick, building stone, and concrete blocks. Moreover, you can choose many modern masonry materials today, perlite and concrete-block joists among them. If you are undecided about building with masonry, the benefits of this option outlined below will help you decide accordingly.

1.       Durability

Durable buildings are every aspiring property owner's dream because they have numerous environmental and financial advantages. The ecological benefits of long-lasting buildings stem from the fact that they cut the negative impacts of constructing new structures time and again. Plus, owning a durable building is key to avoiding unnecessary construction and repair expenses. Masonry offers some of the most durable constructions anyone can wish to own. In fact, brick walls alone can last upwards of 100 years on average. And durability is enhanced by masonry's ability to resist rot, pests, harsh elements, and natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes.

2.       Energy efficiency

As of 2019, typical households in the United States spent an average of $115.49/month on electricity. Such figures often scare potential homeowners, and with good reason. No one wants to spend a good chunk of their finances on utility bills alone. Fortunately, you can use masonry construction to increase your home's energy efficiency, thereby cutting monthly expenses and increasing savings. Masonry walls are considered energy-efficient because they have exceptional thermal mass, which is essential in absorbing excess solar heat and stabilizing indoor temperatures. Subsequently, that cuts energy consumption and monthly utility bills in the long run.

3.       Fire resistance

If you plan to build a residential building, factoring that around 358,500 home fires occur annually is a prerequisite to making the right decisions. For instance, you can use that information to guide your choice of construction material. Lucky for you, searching far and wide for a fire-resistant material is unnecessary since masonry has everything you need since it is non-combustible. Moreover, unlike other alternatives, masonry buildings don't exude toxic smoke or fumes during fires. That is why most experts recommend using brick blocks and similar materials to build fire barriers and protective walls.  

Hire Masonry Contractors

If masonry sounds like the ideal material for your construction project, hire a masonry contractor to ensure you get optimum results. Masonry contractors tackle numerous duties and responsibilities on your construction site, including hauling materials, laying bricks and mortar, and building structures like walls and chimneys. Their services are indispensable because they work with high-quality materials to produce a perfectly finished structure.